Health & Safety

At Voyvozhneft its people are the company's most valuable asset and their safety is of paramount importance. ‘Zero Harm’ is the core focus of the business and work-related injury or illness is unacceptable. Voyvozhneft know that occupational health and safety is in the best interest of its business, clients, shareholders and the communities in which it operates.

The company firmly believes that safety is its number one value and actively ensures this value is instilled in its employees and permeates throughout the entire organisation. This fosters a culture of safety at the company so that whether employees are at work or at home they are doing whatever is needed to act in a safe and responsible manner.

Voyvozhneft takes extensive measures in ensuring plants and equipment are technically sound and  implement world-class and innovative operational improvements aimed at facilitating superior occupational health and safety management.

The group has several policies and implements programs focussed on ensuring the safety and health of all employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders

All plants and equipment, operational management systems and procedures as well as safety initiatives are continuously reviewed to ensure Mineral Resources is at the forefront of occupational health and safety best practice. 

Flexible working conditions

We understands that your work and personal life can sometimes be a balancing act. That’s why we offer a range of flexible options to help you achieve an appropriate work-life balance.

While Voyvozhneft has core business hours, we promote flexibility by encouraging you and your manager to work together to define how best to balance your personal commitments and working hours.  Options include part-time and other flexible working options, such as home working, where practical.

Employee Assistance Program

It is a counseling and support service that you and your immediate family can access on a confidential basis to receive assistance for any number of issues impacting your wellness.

Wellbeing Allowance

Employees receive a Wellbeing Allowance to contribute towards the cost of personal health and wellbeing programs including private health insurance and participation in your local sports club.