About Us

Voyvozhneft is а fast growing and modern oil and gas producing company in Russian Federation. We're ranked amongst the top indepedent producer and refiner in terms of oil production, crude oil refining and gas exploration. Voyvozhneft effectively refine and supply petroleum products to both domestics and foreign markets using modern infrastrucures in order to meet the global growing demands for energy products.

Although our company headquarter is domiciled in Russian Federation, we have effectively implemented strategies to increase our reserves and expand our activities outside the territory of Russia and opening offices in Asia, the Middle East, and North America respectively.

Our emphasis is on solutions that integrate modern technologies in various areas ranging from geological modeling, seismic imaging, reservoir management and engineering, petrophysics. Voyvozhneft focus on delivering integrated solutions, from localized variations to broad basin settings. Integrated solutions are also essential to the formation of developmental plans and challenges in reservoirs, which includes fractured carbonate and deeepwater.

Our Innovative Development Program is an essential element of its development concept. The Company innovation efforts are designed to modernize its operations base and develop and implement new technologies aimed to help the Company achieve its operational objectives. Those include reserves replenishment, recovery efficiency enhancement, full utilization of associated gas, effective implementation of offshore projects, deeper oil refining, higher energy efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and environmental and industrial safety assurance.

The achievements in production, environmental and social activities, as well as a high level of corporate management, openness, and transparency of the Company are highly valued by the Company's clients, business partners and the investment community as a whole. The Company has developed a long-term plan for technical development of each of its business units. Voyvozhneft specialists participate in the activities of public and government organizations that are focused on scientific research and innovation and implement joint projects with international companies and developers.

Our company's strongest asset is its people. Our primary objective is to ensure its people operate in the safest environment by the implementation of world-class operating procedures and policies. With the company's significant collection of projects across Russia and overseas, a well-trained and dedicated workforce as well as a strong financial position, the company is well placed to continue to achieve this.